Perpetual 0.3

Strange perpetual image zooming app


  • Amazing visual effect
  • Auto-zoom feature
  • Download extra image packs


  • No zoom-out function

Very good

Perpetual offers a new and interesting way of browsing photos on your PC.

I've always been fascinated with those weird pictures where inside the picture is a picture of the picture and inside that there's a picture of that picture and inside that there's a picture of that picture and...well, you get the point.

Perpetual works along a similar brain-boggling principal. You start off with an image which is completely composed of a series of other smaller images put together. Perpetual invites you to zoom into the image, whereupon you discover that these smaller images are also made up of lots of other smaller images themselves. Zoom through these and guess what? Yep, more smaller images are revealed.

It's really quite fascinating and the process of zooming down infinitely through all the pictures is strangely hypnotic. There are hundreds of different pictures included in Perpetual to make up this kaleidoscope of weirdness, ranging from the Crazy Frog, to nature scenes, to graphic designs to naked girls.

You can zoom manually, or allow the program to auto-zoom, though if you zoom manually, you get the benefit of being able to move around the image and choose a point to focus in on. The only thing I would've liked in Perpetual would be the ability to zoom out.

It doesn't serve much of a purpose, but Perpetual is certainly a captivating way of wasting some time.



Perpetual 0.3

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    i feel best.
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